It refers to a cast semi finished product. A billet is typically cast to a rectangular, hexagonal or round cross section compatible with secondary processing, e.g. forging. Molten steel is cast into large blocks called "blooms". During the casting process various methods are used, such as addition of aluminum, so that impurities in the steel float to the surface where they can be cut off the finished bloom. Our Billets are all tested through spectrometer and free of surface defects and cracks. Our billets are available from 100/100, 125/125, 150/150 to 200/200 sizes.
Chemical Composition :


Fe415 Fe500 Fe550
Carbon 0.15-0.30 0.30 0.30
Sulphur 0.060 Max 0.055 0.055
Phosphorus 0.060 Max 0.055 0.055
Sulphur & Phosphorus 0.110 0.105 0.105
( For better weld ability, Carbon Percentage restricted to 0.25% Max)


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