Sponge Iron

Sponge Iron is the metallic product formed by the reduction (removal of oxygen) of iron ore at temperature below the fusion point of iron while it is still in solid state. It is also called Direct Reduced Iron (DRI).
Typical Specifications of Sponge Iron :

Sl. No.

Particulars Sponge Iron Lumps Sponge Iron Fines
01. Total Iron 91.5% Min. 92% Min.
02. Degree of Metallization 88% Min. 90% Min.
03. Metallic Iron 80% Min. 82% Min.
04. Sulphur Less than 0.04% Less than 0.04%
05. Phosphorus Less than 0.045% Less than 0.045%
06. Size 3 to 20 mm Below 3 mm
For better melting results, the criteria for selection of sponge iron are:
» High total iron content
» High degree of metallization
» Low gangue, sulphur and phosphorus content
» Suitable size, range and shape


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