TMT Bars

A pioneer group with thumping success in Metallurgical Fields, for more than twenty years, now ventured in Manufacturing of hermomechanically Treated (TMT) Rebars. Amit Metaliks has a successful track recird in Mining, Minear Beneficiation, Spone Iron (DRI) Production and steel Billets. The vast experience and dediction, has prompted Amit Group of Companies to Manufacture TMT Bar, incorporating Thermex Technology for HSB, Gmbh Germany. The integrated Steel Plants producing TMT Bar of size 8mm to 36 mm, as per Indian Standard IS : 1786-2008 and International Standard.

Innovative Technology blended with dedication and sincerity, with Quality Consciousness at the background, Trishkti TMT Bar, ready for Infrastructurel development of our country and th serve the People in a better, safer way.

Why you will select Trishakti TMT Bar
  • Cost Saving : State-of-the-art tchnology along with superior tensile Properties saves steel significantly.

  • High Weldability : Low Carbon equivalent (CE) and truely refined steel retains joining strength when Trishkti Bars are welded.

  • Fire resistance : No loss of strength even at a high temperature of 600 C leading to better security of concrete structure.



The Business Standards

Amit Group’s Division produces one of the most respected corporate magaz- ines in the Middle East...

  • Bend and Rebind : Extra-ordinarily high ductiliy even at highest level of strength and purely refined steel guaranties best Bending and Rebinding properties.

  • Corrosion resistance : Appropriate Chemistry, Micro- structure ensures high level of resistance in corrosive atmosphere. A true friend Cement to prevent Corrosion.

  • Superior Bond Strength : Delicate Rib Design and Geometry gives ultra-high bond strength of Bars with Cement
Microstructure of TMT Bar

Plastic deformation of the rolled product at a selected temperature followed by water quenching in THERMEX Process gives rise the final structure consisting of (i) tempered martensite & upper bainite at rim and (ii) Ferrite & Pearlite at the core of the structure. The result is a TMT Rebar with high tensile strength, impact strength without affecting ductility.

Earthquake Resistance Property

The alloy chemistry and process parameters are controlled to achieved a high stress ratio (UTS/YS) at high level of ductility enabling the steel bar to absorbed higher in elastic strain energy during cyclic loading encountered in earthquake condition.

TESTS IS STANDARD – 1786 Trishakti TMT Rebar
415 500 550
0.2% Proof Test Tensile strength % Elongation 415N/ 485/ 14.50% 500N/ 545N/ 12.00% 550N/ 585N/ 8.00% 450-580 N/mm2 500-670 N/mm2 18 - 30%
Bend 3D - 4D 1D
Rebend 5D - 7D 4D
% Percentage IS1786 TRISHAKTI
Carbon 0.30 Maxm 0.22 Maxm.
Sulphur 0.06 (Max) 0.05 (Max)
Phosphorous 0.05 (Max) 0.05 (Max)


TRISHAKTI TMT Rebars are Produced through a very rigorous quality control process during its manufacturing process. The state-of the art laboratory manned by highly qualified QCA personnel always keep constant vigil guring the entire production process : starting from raw material to finished TMT Bar. There is on compromise with quality in every aspect whether raw material, process planning, in-process inspection & final testing



TRISHAKTI TMT Bar of Amit Metaliks Ltd. Is approved by Bureau of Indian Standard for Standard IS : 1786



8 mm
10 mm
12 mm
16 mm
20 mm
25 mm
28 mm
32 mm
36 mm
Size Specified mt (Kg/m) Allowable Tolerance (%) Variation Limit for Trishkti TMT (%)
8mm 0.395 ±7 ±4
10mm 0.617 ±7 ±3
12mm 0.888 ±5 ±3
16mm 1.580 ±5 ±3
20mm 2.470 ±3 ±2
25mm 3.850 ±3 ±2
28mm 4.830 ±3 ±2
32mm 6.310 ±3 ±2
36mm 7.990 ±3 ±2

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